Encompass should auto-detect if the Email that needs to be sent out is either for a Consumer Connect loan or a Webcenter loan. Currently, Webcenter loans still exist and will continue to exist but they are only created IF these conditions are met. 

Why is Encompass using the Non-Consumer Connect HTML Templates when Consumer Connect has been enabled
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Four things are needed for a LO to send the Consumer Connect Templates to a borrower from within Encompass:

1: The Direct Borrowers checkbox in the Encompass Consumer Connect Admin console needs to be checked for an active ECC page
2. The Persona of the LO on the Access Tab needs to have both the Windows and Web LO Connect option selected (bottom option)
3. On the User Details of the LO at the bottom of the page in the Consumer Connect Site section there has to be an actual site listed. Even if the Use Parent option is selected, there has to be an actual URL for the site listed on the User Details.
4. A Loan Officer has to be assigned to the loan prior to any communication being sent to the borrowers.

All 4 of these options must be set for the LO to be able to send HTML Email Templates as Consumer Connect Templates. If these are not enabled it will default to Non-Consumer Connect HTML Templates.
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